Learn what makes up a great cold email campaign

Have you sent cold emails in the past to drum up business?

Maybe you’re thinking about using cold emailing to help bring in more revenue for your business?

No matter what your answer is to the above questions, you’ve probably asked yourself:

  • How do I keep track of all of this!?
  • What information should I collect?
  • Do people even respond to cold emails? (quick answer is yes)
  • Should I just buy a list and shotgun emails out?
  • Can’t I just use MailChimp to fire these emails off?

The great news is that I’ve got the answers to all of those questions and then some. I’ve created “The Cold Emailer's Handbook” to give you all of the information you’ll need to get started and raking in the $$$ .

With the handbook you'll learn:
  • What an email sequence is and how to create one
  • How to set a follow-up cadence
  • How to find almost anyone’s email address
  • How to personalize each email
  • The building blocks of crafting a great subject, body, and call to action
  • What information to collect while prospecting
  • What to do when someone responds to your email (believe me they will)
  • What tools and/or services you can use to help do some of the heavy lifting
  • How to automate the process with processes, people, and tools

The handbook is coming soon, but sign up below and I'll be sending out how to's and other useful information to help improve the process you already have in place.

Larry Scott
Larry Scott
Author, The Cold Emailer's Handbook